Speaker: Megan Davey

Speaker: Megan Davey

Dr. Megan Davey

Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Topic: Fast embryos- slow embryos- understanding 'developmental tempo' using chickens

Dr Davey specializes in understanding embryonic developmental processes and patterning, using avian model systems including chickens, quails, ducks and emus. By studying naturally occurring variations in anatomy, particularly that of the developing limb, combined with genomic and embryonic manipulation approaches, the Davey Group aims to understand the causes of human limb developmental differences. More recently the Davey Group have focused on understanding species and breed specific 'developmental tempo' a newly developing field of research, with far reaching implications for many fields, including stem cell research, developmental biology, life-long health, ecology and food production. Megan is also Academic Lead for Public Engagement at the Roslin Institute and a co-organizer of the 2021 EMBO Workshop 'Timing mechanisms linking development and evolution'.



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